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Who We Are

Ask PC Experts is a fleet of Expert System / Computer Engineers who are working over a decade to deliver quality troubleshooting upon wide range of computer issues. E-mail, phone, chat, online support are the modes used to provide technical solutions to our users across Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. In the United Kingdom, we have our customers spanning across England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.

Our excellence lies in providing technical solutions (applications based) of Windows based systems through online/remote technical support. From small businesses to home computer support, Ask PC Experts uses online pc troubleshooting or screen-sharing technology to get many PC issues resolved in no time!
We offer our customers flexible pay plan options. You can either sign up for our yearly plan, monthly plans or incidental based plans. With a yearly plan, you get free access to unlimited services at a price which is unimaginable. However, if you just want to rectify a single problem or issue, you can resort to our incidental plan.

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