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New Internet Connection Help

Still waiting to get online? Well, Ask PC Experts will help you set up your Internet connection and configure your e-mail. Just Call us toll free at 0-800-845-6515 to get fast assistance wherever your are!

The Microsoft certified technicians of Ask PC Experts would be happy to install your modem, setup an Broadband / ADSL connection or help with any Internet connection problems that you may have. We can help with dial-up, broadband and wireless Internet connections and for creating your own private network to share files, printers or an Internet connection.

Our Computer Repair team will set up your PC to connect with a modem. Your browser settings would also be optimized for faster Internet browsing.

Service Offerings:
Set-up & configure computer with modem or router for cable or wireless Internet.
Configure Netscape browser and Internet Explorer for fast internet access.
Delete cookies, web history and update Security & Firewall.

Unlimited Annual Plan 74.95

For a one-time payment of a nominal fee, Ask PC Experts offer unlimited yearly support for all your PC Peripheral support issues via internet and phone.

Dial us Toll Free 800-279-6224 for Anytime Assistance!

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