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AskPCExperts has reached out to millions of customers since its founding a decade ago. With a fleet of Experienced Engineers figuring amongst our technicians, we lend remotely managed computer support services a new complexion. Certified credentials and wide experience earned by our team confirm that they have the skills necessary for the successful administration and resolution of the diverse problems encountered by PC users all over the world.

AskPCExperts is confident that you will find our Remote Managed Services to be the ultimate IT solution for you. Our customers always prefer to stay with us because of the quality we offer, and that too at unbeaten prices.

With AskPCExperts, you can sit back and enjoy the security of having your PCs' performance and uptime fully ensured remotely by our certified technicians, and all this at extraordinarily affordable prices. Ask PC Experts is fully owned by GOFORCUSTOMER LIMITED .Please refer www.askpcexperts.com for more details

AskPCExperts was started in 2005 by 5 industry professionals coming together from different background with the purpose of providing expert advice for all Computer related problems.

AskPCExperts provides quality services to its customers and its primary goal is to provide fast solutions at affordable prices. The complete bouquet of computer services offered by AskPCexperts includes:

Computer Support - We provide computer support for the most reputed and renowned brands in market like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo and many more. Our team of experts provides computer support services for all type of computer problems ranging from startup errors, operating system installation, blue screen error messages to virus removal and computer optimization. Each problem is first thoroughly analyzed by our team of certified technicians and then appropriate measures are used for an effective solution.

Support – Under the expertise of our technicians we provide remote technical support for all type of Microsoft services like Windows repair, Windows 7 upgrade, Windows XP upgrade, Windows Vista support etc. Microsoft Office is an essential service for all professionals and we provide the computer support for all MS office issues like office installation, Microsoft office troubleshooting, Outlook upgrade, Outlook recovery etc.

PC Tune Up – Computer Optimization is very vital for the smooth working and fast performance of computer. Keeping this fact in mind, Ask PC Experts provide a wide range of services for computer optimization like windows registry repair, fatal error support, pc performance check, boost pc speed etc.

Anti Virus help – We provide safety against all types of malware threats to your computer by providing services for virus removal, Trojan removal, online virus scan, firewall security etc. Our team of experts continuously monitors your system through remote computer support for any type of malware invasion and save your system from its harmful effects.

Peripheral support- Peripherals are an important part of computer system and their use in daily basis cannot be neglected. Ask PC Experts provide a wide range of services for peripheral support like wifi installation, sound card troubleshooting, games support, printer support, scanner support etc. 

Service Plans
We pride ourselves on delivering quality computer support service. With our service plans for both individual and small business level, you can enjoy the services from our team of certified technicians.
Individual user plans – Under this category there are two plans available:
Per Incidence Plan-  It is a one time plan with a nominal fee of $49.95 and in this package you will get:

Annual Shield- In this plan, you will get our services for unlimited time throughout the year for a small fee of $119.95. In this package you will get:

Small Business Plans – There are two plans available for small businesses:
 Pay as you go – It is a one time plan with a nominal fee of $89.95 and our services include:

Yearly Plan - In this plan, you will get our services unlimited times throughout the year for a small fee of $169.95 and our services include:            

Infrastructure Management and Technical Support
Using the right skills and processes, Ask PC Experts can help manage complex IT infrastructures. Reliable service delivery is assured with ITIL frameworks, ensuring availability and performance of servers, applications, networks, and databases.

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Our Clients
We’ve client base of over 100,000 Customers across the world utilizing our Computer Related Services.

Our Partners
We have forged successful business and technology alliances with some of the big names in the industry, a few of which are:

Our Extended Family
Ask PC Experts promotes a diverse culture and possesses a clear vision focused on giving back to the community and cultivating a culture of empathy. Partnership, teamwork and integrity form the cornerstone of AskPCExperts's philosophy, outlined in its values: Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing and Social Responsibility. AskPCExperts contributes to all social organizations on regular basis like CRY , Red Cross etc

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Client Testimonials

"AskPCExperts were a very big help as they were knowledgeable about my problems and quick to fix them. I appreciate the very efficient job that they did, and would like to tell more of my friends about the excellent experience i had with their service."

- Jason Turner, USA


"They were able to recover all my important documents through their expert knowledge of the system. This high-level of service far exceeds my experiences with other businesses and call centers, both in the United States and in foreign countries."

- Ernest Seitz, USA


"Your team of experts stayed with it until finding and resolving the problem. They called me back precisely when they said they would on several occasions. I have already placed another request for your services and will recommend you whenever I have opportunity. "

- Jack Funderburk, USA


"I was very satisfied with the help given me to reset my computer's security program, remove spyware, and avoid popups. My PCExpert counselor was patient and always was willing to repeat the instructions when I could not hear them clearly."

- Jim Cascioli


"My Sonic Firewall router and exchange server was giving me lot of trouble. It was certainly a pleasure to deal with your remarkably patient and caring tech team. AskPCExperts projects such a level of customer service that everyone can be proud of. I’ve already recommended “askpcexperts.com” to other business acquaintances and will continue to do so."

- Stan Patterson



"Irecommend Ask PC Experts to get your pc problems fixed. Technicians' knowledge and skills and prompt, professional service are 10/10.

- Harry Widger

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